Does my Business need a website?

Most people that come to us want a website. But through my career, I have met entrepreneurs that don’t have a website and that’s surprising for 2018. Their reason for not having one is that they say their businesses are doing well without, and that’s certainly possible, but I would bet that they could do so much better if they had a proper web presence.

Here I would like to present some reasons why I believe that every business needs a website (and a good one!).

If it’s not online, it doesn’t exist

If you meet someone through networking and then try to find your business online and nothing comes up, people will start wondering if you were actually saying the truth. Having a website serves, among other things, as an important step during a customer’s validating process when buying a product or hiring a service. Having a website nowadays is the norm, and not existing online speaks to your customers just as much as having one.

Brand-building opportunity

Customers don’t buy products and services by necessity only, they are attracted to an emotional experience. The purpose of all our marketing is to position ourselves in the mind of the consumer, right? That’s why branding is so important because it creates a connection with your audience. And a website is probably the most important point of contact, along with social media, to help you with that. A website allows you by presenting all the information you need, without time constraints (and relatively no space constraints either). Images, videos, audios, texts; tell people what your brand is about.

Wider Reach

We all ultimately want to attract more (and better) clients. The Internet has expanded markets for literally any business, so they can now reach millions of customers. Even if you are a local business, now people in your community can find you without having to walk in front of your store. Let them know that you exist and they will come to you, even if they had never passed by your street before.

If you are a business owner and you still don’t have a website because the business is doing well as it is, just imagine all the possibilities that will open when you create your website. If you want to arrange a consultation with us, please send us a message here and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.