Say it with Moodboards

Mood boards are a very common tool for developing your brand identity and communication strategy. They consist of putting together a variety of images that, when combined, transmit a specific concept. You can create a mood board for anything. I know people who create them for planning a trip away, decorating their home, or planning a party. Mood boards are a really effective way to represent, graphically, ideas and themes that you may be struggling to articulate in your mind.

The process

Creating a mood board is one of our most important steps when developing a brand identity, at Costanzo Studio. In general, a mood board will consist of absolutely anything that helps you translate your thoughts into a visual representation of what you want to achieve. There are many ways to create a mood board; you can include an advert you’ve seen, a movie you’ve watched, a celebrity you saw interviewed. Particular colors that give you inspiration, or that you think might want to be included may be incorporated too. Individual descriptive words or inspirational quotes might be chosen to help direct which way you would like the branding to go. It’s really about getting an overall ‘feel’ for the ethos of your brand. Once you have pulled it all together in one space, step back and you’ll find it much easier to see any themes and ideas that emerge as a result.

Our process of branding at Costanzo Studio involves choosing six images that represent your company and six images that represent two of your competitors. For example, if your company was a car, which specific car would you be? Which specific car would your competitor be? Once we have completed this process, we can step back and say, ‘Here is how you stand out’.

Getting it right

The mood board is the foundation of your company’s branding. It is really important to get this stage right before you start the design process because the information gained at this point is what will set you apart from your competitors. This, in turn, will set the direction of your company’s communication strategy.

Remember, the end result from your moodboard is how customers will perceive your company or product. If this feels like a daunting task, then Costanzo Studio is here for you. Visit our website here for more information or to contact us.