"I can attest to Ernesto’s expertise in branding and marketing design, as he will look at your business from top to bottom."

Jeffrey Shaw

Business Coach & SpeakerAuthor of "Lingo: Discover Your Ideal Customer's Secret Language"

"Ernesto is amazing! Very professional and patient. He truly captures meaningful moments. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a fresh perspective!"

Patricia Monaco

Owner at KLA Schools Pembroke Pines

"Ernesto first provided us his services as an Brand Strategy Advisor. His body of work speaks for itself, and he is regarded as a unique and masterful brand designer and business consultant by entrepreneurs such as myself".

Mariana Pinango

Co-owner at Quixote & Kids

"Ernesto stressed to me how important it was to make sure that the quality of the images of my services reflected the quality of my food. I believe I have made a secure investment in working with Costanzo Studio."

Jérôme Fayolle

Chef & Owner at Fayolle Gourmet

"Ernesto quickly identified the ethics, vision and 'feel' of the business I wanted to create and how to make it stand out. I was thoroughly impressed by his branding strategy and would not hesitate to recommend him."

Peter Mulvey

Co-Owner at Pro Physiotherapy

"I have been working with Ernesto for a long time. He is trustworthy. He has a great eye for design and amazing taste. I enjoy his company. He is very professional. I am happy to know him and recommend working with him."

Tanya Iyriboz

Owner at Gypset Culture

"You can always count on Costanzo Studio for delivering on brand product. I rely on their marketing and branding expertise, great design and timely delivery of services. They hold themselves to high standards and understand the needs of their clients."

Konrad Janus

Area Marketing Director at Saks Fifth Avenue

"Ernesto is an expert business consultant and brand design master, who makes business owners’ dreams come to life by knowing and living their personal brands better than they know it themselves."

William Arruda

Owner at Reach Personal Branding.Speaker, Author & Collaborator at Forbes.

"For over a decade, Costanzo Studio has provided ESCP Europe with expert design services, ensuring that our message remains consistent across all services and products. They constantly keep us abreast of the industries changes and adapting to the ever-changing climate of international business and entrepreneurialism. Multi-culturalism is embedded in their DNA."

Emily Abols

Marketing Manager at ESCP Europe, London Campus.

"The product analysis, market research, brand defining, brand design, and brand strategy developed by Ernesto has been invaluable to us. We have been honored to work with him, have recreated his work in multiple projects, and understand why his value as an expert professional in the industry has been so highly regarded and recommended."

Albert Ovadia

Project Manager at Sojourn

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